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We greet you with the love of our Lord Jesus Christ. Heartfelt blessings to each of you, who, with love, serve us and God, by your prayers and finances, and who support our missionary work. Please continue to pray for missionaries all over the world.


Good Samaritan Ministries

March 2014 Update

Please keep Ukraine in your prayers during these critical moments in history. We are saddened to hear of bloodshed and rage-filled outbursts. May God’s peace and restoration come to Ukraine. Pray for continued religious freedom. On a positive note, our missionaries report that many peosple have turned their hearts to God and prayer during these turbulent times. Churches are filled with people. Christians of different denominations unite in special prayers for their country.


Main Events & Upcoming Trips:

UA Bible School Students

A Missionary Bible School has been started at «Good Samaritan» Mission in Rivne, Ukraine (director Rostislav Borishkevich). This three-month Missionary Bible School will be held from March to May 2014. About 25 students have eagerly started classes and express their desire to work on the mission field. Please pray for the organization of the school, the teachers and students, and peace in the city. There is a need for funding for this school. Any gifts for this project will be greatly appreciated.

On June 6-8, 2014, a Missionary Conference will be held in Rivne. We will be celebrating 25 years of «Good Samaritan Ministries» in Ukraine. This event is more than a celebration, however. Many missionaries will be coming to this conference to renew themselves spiritually, to share their experiences, report on the work they have been investing into, and finally, to inspire others to get plugged in to do missions work. After the conference, Peter Radchuk and other missionaries will be holding a series of evangelistic services, visiting missionary stations and orphanages in Ukraine.

In November of 2014, we will be hosting our Annual Missionary Conference. This year marks the 20th anniversary of God’s grace over our ministry. Prayers of thanksgiving will be said for: thousands of souls finding hope and salvation in God; children receiving shelter in an orphanage or home where Jesus is Lord; missionaries enabled to dedicate themselves fultime to ministry thanks to regular financial support.

praying for people in India

In the month of December, a missionary trip to India is planned. We desire to visit churches, christian centers and orphanages; to hold seminars for ministers and youth; and to support the local churches in various parts of India. These trips always bring great joy to minisry staff and members, because God’s blessing and and wonderous works are so vividly demonstated.


Early January of this year, during the Christmas festivities, Christians and missionaries in Pryluky (E.Ukraine), gathered together for a series of Christmas services. In one of the meetings at our Christian Center, about 100 children were in attendance, most of which were from public schools. A special holiday performance was prepared by Sunday School children from our «Good Samaritan» Mission in Rivne (W.Ukraine).  

Christmas Program in PrilukiSeveral Christian brothers from Rivne came to visit the Christian Center in Pryluky and expressed their desire to help with the ongoing reconstruction of the building, which was formerly used for military housing. With their help, a large dining room was finished. It will be used for feeding youth and missionaries during conferences, seminars and events. The space will also be used for holding various meetings and children’s VBS - day camps in the summer.

Over the past several months, believers from Slavic churches in America anxiously watched the events that unfolded in Ukraine. Without interfering in the political situation, many churches - both in Ukraine and in America, prayed to the Lord to stop the bloodshed and allow peace to reign. Apostle Paul writes in his letter to Timothy

I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. This is good, and pleases God our Savior, who wants all people to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth. (1 Tim. 2:1-4)   

This is the will of God and as Christians in the last days; we need to follow biblical principles.

All Christians in Ukraine were united together in prayer during the events that took place on Maydan and in other Ukrainian cities. In the city of Pryłuky, an Interfaith Prayer for Peace in Ukraine and for the rulers, took place. In addition to the ministers of the Protestant denominations, representatives from the Catholic and Orthodox churches were present. In the main church and in the local villages, many Christians were fasting and praying before the Lord, asking for mercy for the people of Ukraine.

Pastor Vitaliy Gavula who is in charge of the ministry in Pryluky said the following:

People who have experienced the great shock associated with the Ukrainian revolution, have become more open to God’s Word. Many, even non-believers, prayed to God in homes, churches, and in the public squares. I do not want to miss this God-given opportunity to bring the Gospel to the hearts of the Ukrainian people, so in the spring/summer period, missionaries from Pryluky plan to hold a series of public evangelistic services on the street or in a tent.

Seizing the opportunity, I have a great desire to thank the people in America for their prayers. Praise the Lord that the Christian people in America, living in peace and prosperity, do not remain indifferent to what is happening. Thank you for the financial support! We sincerely pray to God for you, that your faith will be alive, so that you do not worship God according to the customs but earnestly from your heart!”

News Update - Ichnya, Ukraine 2013

After graduating from Bible School, young missionary families are sent to Ukrainian settlements to share about the love of Christ. The family of Nikolay and Galina Kononchuk have been ministering in the city Ichnya and the surrounding villages for more than 12 years now. Because of faithful financial support, they are able to be a light to the people by living among them and serving them daily.

"Our family always thanks God that you support us by prayer and financially. God bless you! We continue to minister in Ichnya, as well as in villages Andrievka and Zaudayka. A church has been started in the village Zaudayka. We go there twice a week on Wednesdays and Sundays. On Sunday morning, I lead the service there, and then travel back to Ichnya to minister there. This arrangement creates some difficulties and inconveniences, so we are praying for a minister for that village church.

We also try to visit a nursing home in Krupychpole no less than once a month. We share the Gospel and the residents are always happy to receive us.

We continue to preach the Gospel through radio broadcasting. Thanks to the radio, there is an opportunity to share the gospel with a large audience of listeners. There is threat that the regional radio may be shut down, so we pray that God will continue to make this opportunity for spreading the Word available.

Earlier this year, we held a series of evangelistic meetings in schools of Ichnya - three schools and a college. During the lessons of Christian Ethics, we preached Christ and encouraged young people to abstain from alcohol and drugs and warned them of the effects of other sins. This message was especially strengthened by a testimony of former drug addict of 20 years. He has found freedom in Christ! Let us introduce you to this brother - Boris. 12 years ago, having just arrived to Ichnya, we witnessed to Boris about God and prayed for him. We were filled with joy when we found out that years later he was undergoing rehabilitation at a center for drug addicts. After rehabilitation, brother Boris stayed at the center to minister to those seeking freedom from dependence. He's been walking with the Lord for nearly four years now, preaching about salvation and freedom through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

In cooperation with the Gideons International ministry, we passed our the New Testaments to all educational institutions in the district. That means dozens of schools, a college, and thousands of students, teachers and staff received the Gospel message. Of course, we met some resistance, but thanks be to God for giving us wisdom in how to deal in such situations. Our prayer is that those who received the distributed New Testaments will accept Jesus Christ as their Savior.

We thank God for you and wish you abundant blessings!"

- Missionaries Nikolay and Galina Kononchuk


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